BeachCoin is a globalized and transparent digital currency for everyone. Send and receive BeachCoin to and from anyone, anywhere in the world in nearly an instant. BeachCoin relies on a decentralized P2P network to process transactions and issue coins. There’s no central authority to control or manipulate the network. BeachCoin is a secure alternative to the traditional banking system. BeachCoin is a tribute to all the beautiful beaches across the world.




Type: PoW

Algorithm: X11

Difficulty Retargeting: DGW

Time Between Blocks: 120 secs.

Block Reward: 100

Daily Block Count: 720

Coins Generated per Day: 72,000

Block Reward Halving Rate: 100,000

Time Between Halvings: 4.57 mos.

Max. Block Size: 1MB

Total Coins: 21,000,000

Ticker Symbol: SAND


Block Explorer:





 Mac OSX

 Linux (Ubuntu) x64

 Windows x86*

 Windows x86 No Mining*

 Paper Wallet


Mining Pools:
<miner> -a x11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u <walletaddress> -p x
Port 3220 = Diff 0.005
Diff 3221 = Diff 1
3222 = Diff 4
Fees 1.0%
<miner> -a x11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u <walletaddress> -p x
Port 3210 vardiff 0.01-2
Fees 1.0%


Coins Mined:

Current block:
x 100


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*Windows Qt wallet may trigger a false positive with some anti-virus programs, and is a common occurrence with most flavors of Qt.
We recommend you analyse the 7z file on before attempting to run it.